2016 CALENDAR           [ SEE PAST EVENTS ]

January 16
8:30 pm
Christine Jensen Quartet with Jeff Johnston, Adrian Vedady and Jim Doxas
Upstairs Jazz Bar
January 22 Christine Jensen Presents Sextet Re-visited
with special guest Joel Miller (compositions, saxophones)
Andy King (trumpet), Adrian Vedady (bass), Rich Irwin (drums), Josh Rager (piano)
Resonance Café Montreal
February 26-27 2016 University of Notre Dame Collegiate Jazz Festival
with Ingrid Jensen, Helen Sung, Marlon Hayden, Alison Miller
March 4-5 Ottawa Capital Music Festival
March 19

George Colligan Quartet (US)
featuring Christine Jensen
Upstairs Jazz Bar

March 28-31 Artist In Residence
University of North Florida
Jacksonville, Florida
concert March 31
April 29 Ingrid Jensen Quintett
Internationales Jazzfestival "Women in Jazz" Halle/Saale
May 14 guest soloist with the St. Lawrence Choir
"Mass In Blue"
June 2
9 pm
Sextet Chronic
Diese Onze Jazz Club - Artiste du Mois
Christine Jensen - saxophones
Joel Miller - saxophones
Andy King - trumpet
Adrian Vedady - bass
Josh Rager - piano
Rich Irwin - drums
June 8
8 pm
Ingrid Jensen Quintet with Christine Jensen
Burlington Discover Jazz Festival
To be recorded live by Vermont PBS   Tickets
June 9 inspiré par Kenny Wheeler
Diese Onze Jazz Club - Artiste du Mois
Christine Jensen - saxophones
Jeff Johnston - piano
Adrian Vedady - contrebasse
Rich Irwin - batterie
June 16 Wayne Shorter 70's & 80's Songbook
Diese Onze Jazz Club - Artiste du Mois
Christine Jensen - Saxophones
John Roney - piano/keyboard
Rémi-Jean LeBlanc - bass/electric bass
Greg Ritchie - drums
June 23 ECM Songbook +
Diese Onze Jazz Club - Artiste du Mois
Christine Jensen - saxophones
François Bourassa - piano
Adrian Vedady - bass
Greg Ritchie - drums
Diese Onze Jazz Club - Artiste du Mois
Christine Jensen -saxophones
Ingrid Jensen - trumpet
Fraser Hollins - contrebasse
Guillaume Pilote - bass
David Restivo - piano (Toronto)
July 7
7 pm
Orchestre National Jazz de Montreal with Oliver Jones
Christine Jensen - director/saxophones
Montreal Jazz Festival    Tickets
July 17
2 pm
Tribute to Ella Fitzgerald
Orchestre National Jazz de Montreal

Christine Jensen - director/saxophones
Jessica Vigneault - vocalist
Festival de Lanaudière   Tickets
July 19-22 Nanaimo Conservatory Jazz Camp
with Ken Lister on bass and Joel Miller on saxophones
August 7-14 National Youth Jazz Summer School 2016
Uppingham School, Rutland, England
August 15 Pizza Express Jazz Club
with Nikki Iles

October 6-9

Canadian Tour of Transatlantic Conversations
with Maggi Olin - composer and pianist from Sweden
October 6
8:00 pm
Festival L'Off: Christine Jensen and Maggi Olin - Transatlantic Conversations
Music for 11-piece ensemble:
- Christine Jensen: alto and soprano saxophones
- Maggi Olin: piano, Rhodes
- Ingrid Jensen: trumpet, electronics
- Sofie Norling: voice, electronics
- Rémi-Jean LeBlanc: upright bass
- Greg Ritchie: drums
- Jean-Nicolas Trottier: trombone
- Jean-Sébastien Vachon: trombone
- Steve Raegele: guitar
- Joel Miller: tenor saxophone, clarinet
- JF Ouellet: baritone saxophone, bass clarinet
Montreal  Tickets
October 7
9:30 pm
The Rex Hotel
Transatlantic Quintet
October 8
9:30 pm
The Jazz Room
Transatlantic Quintet

November 3-7

Australia Tour with Ingrid and Christine Jensen
Nov 3:  

Nov 4:  
Nov 5:  
Nov 6:  
Nov 7:  
Ingrid and Christine Jensen (CAN/US) and the Mike Nock Trio at the Sydney
International Women's Jazz Festival @ Foundry 616, Ultimo (8:30-11pm)
with Sydney Women's Jazz Collective @ Foundry 616, Ultimo (8.30pm-9.30pm)
with Mike Nock Trio, @ Wollongong (7-7:45pm/ 8:15-9pm)
@Unorthodox Church of Groove, Newcastle (8.00pm)
with Festival Band @ Foundry 616, Ultimo (8:30pm-9:30pm)
November 22
University of South Florida School of Music: Monday Night Jazz Series
Guest Artist saxophone and compositions
December 3
Orchestre National Jazz de Montreal
Concert Bénéfice- Music of Christine Jensen and Sienna Dahlen
December 10
8 pm
The Royal Conservatory - Koerner Hall - The Art of the Trio
Christine Jensen Trio with Dave Restivo and Jim Vivian
Double bill with Joey DeFrancesco
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